Financial Services

NSI Financial Services NSI has more than a decade of experience working on a range of projects with financial institutions including banks, investment houses, and private equity and venture capital firms from all over the globe. NSI can also help investors to conduct due diligence on potential investments, accelerate growth of portfolio companies that seek into the government markets, and help identify investment funds from the public funds market.

NSI can help financial institutions with:

  • Tracking and assess legislative bills and legislation that impact your business or those of firms in which you have invested
  • Providing legislative analysis and expertise across each of the 50 states and major markets
  • Finding, vetting and engaging the best-fit on-the-ground lobbyists across 50 states and 100 major cities and counties
  • Providing expertise and guidance on the appropriations and procurement process
  • Conducting due diligence on the market and sales prospects of potential investments
  • Accelerating revenue for portfolio companies
  • Developing an effective public relations strategy
  • Crafting the right messaging
  • Organizing grassroots initiatives and coalition building
  • Developing corporate partnerships
  • Training and coaching executives on managing the complexities of the geo-political landscape