About NSI

NSI was founded on the principle that success starts with a strong foundation of research and information along with a team of thought leaders. From leaders at the highest levels of state and local government to business executives from Fortune 500 companies and those that have launched successful new ventures, NSI’s team is built upon strategic and innovative leaders that are second to none.

Strategic Perspective:
NSI’s top Strategists facilitate planning and visioning sessions for our clients, creating winning plans based on NSI’s experience and unique perspective that are tailored to meet each company’s individual needs and goals.

Industry Expertise:
Industry Experts are at the core of our company. Our team knows your markets and state landscapes, understands the regulations and policies that have a direct influence on your business and has the ability to navigate the intricacies of various industries.

NSI’s platform has offerings across Government Markets, Public Affairs and Government Relations integrated across seven practice areas:

National State and Local Network:
NSI has a nationwide network of over 2,500 state and local consultants, located in every state capitol and every major city and county across the country. These top State & Local Consultants provide our clients with on-the-ground relationships, real-time insight and a unique understanding of the dynamics and inner workings of government and state agencies.

In addition to our Washington headquarters, NSI operates offices in the following locations: